6 Year Old Skateboarder Asher Bradshaw at Venice Beach Skatepark

Posted: at 6:00 pm by Sean and is fueled by Energy.

Asher skating on any given day in Venice.

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  • Jbeckm

    stumble gold!

  • Keiwee123

    dj fresh louder. deffo the same skate park!


    This kid shredssss! The board is bigger than him yet he rides it soo good that it looks unreal, he’s gonna be famous some day soon.

  • Jack

    What a legend !!!!

  • Brucefest

    his style is so good already! effortless

  • Alterpha

    Hope he keeps that attitude…fun and expression is what skating is all about. Not sponsorship.


    Kids a bad ass

  • Oddysey_41

    kids got mad flow god damn

  • http://twitter.com/SkateboardStopc SkateboardStop.com

    This kid is great.

  • gabriel5456156

    Good entertainment for children and i know they also enjoy this game so more. It will be so more inspiration for the new comers in here.